CelebrityJeinz Macias: Early Lifestyles, Achievements, and Many More

Jeinz Macias: Early Lifestyles, Achievements, and Many More

In this newsletter, we can briefly speak about who Jeinz Macias is. Moreover, we can speak about why is becoming so famous these days. Furthermore, he is famous for his particular musical style. Do you concentrate on pop songs regularly? If sure, then this article may be interesting for you. We offer you the statistics and figures of him. Indeed, nowadays’s article may be informational for you if you are a fan of him. We will communicate about his internet worth, early life, musical journey, achievements, and lots more. So, stay tuned for this article! 

Jeinz Macias is a talented and flexible artist making waves within the amusement industry, originally from Argentina and now dwelling in the United States. After that, Jeinz has mounted himself as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, athlete, internet character, and philanthropist. His song is characterized by a specific combo of dad, rock, reggae, hip-hop, and Latin origins. Indeed, he showcases his numerous influences. Jeinz isn’t always only recognized for his amazing degree presence and power but also for his engaging character, both online and offline. His multifaceted skills and authentic individual have captured the hearts and minds of lovers worldwide.

Jeinz Macias: Early Lifestyles, Achievements, and Many More

Jeinz Macias:       Physical stats and more…

Full Name                   Jeinz Axel Macias

Birthday                     August 13, 1995

Birthplace                   Buenos Aires, Argentina

Age                            27

Occupation                 Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Performer, Internet Personality

Genres                       Pop, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin

Instruments                Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums

Background and early life

Jeinz Macias was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995. Moreover, he grew up in a musical family. Furthermore, his father became a guitarist and his mom became a singer. Indeed, they gave him publicity in a huge range of musical genres from tango to rock. He was stimulated using his family’s musical history. After that, he began showcasing his abilities all through his teenage years. Also, he started out studying to play the guitar, piano, and drums. He additionally began working towards his songwriting capabilities. 

In addition, Jeinz developed a robust passion for soccer (football), a likeness of Argentina’s wealthy sporting subculture. However, at the age of 18, pushed through his musical aspirations. Later, he made the formidable decision to transport to America. To start with tough, with the want to conform to a new subculture and language. Eventually, he observed his area and started constructing his profession in the U.S. Amusement industry. 

Highlights of Heinz Macias’s Song Profession 

He carried out an extensive milestone in his profession. By taking part with the venerated singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, a luminary in Latin music. Their joint effort resulted in a duet version of the tune “Te Quiero,” released in 2021. This collaboration served as a tribute to the Dominican subculture. The accompanying track video beautifully captures the essence of the tune. Furthermore, it features Jeinz Macias and Juan Luis Guerra singing and gambling the guitar together.

Additionally, Jeinz contributed to the soundtrack of the animated movie “Vivo,” released in 2021. Also, the film follows the musical adventure of a kinkajou named Vivo, traveling from Cuba to Miami. Besides, it grants a tune to his owner’s long-misplaced love. In the film, Jeinz Macias voiced the man or woman of Andres, a young musician who helps Vivo on his journey. Furthermore, he also lent his vocals to 2 songs, “Keep the Beat” and “One More Song.” Indeed, each song is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. These active and catchy songs show Jeinz Macias’s vocal talent and charisma. 

Jeinz additionally carried out a chief milestone in his profession by signing his first record deal with Sony Music Latin in 2020, at the age of 15. After that, his debut single, “Te Quiero,” was launched below this label and quickly won recognition on radio and streaming systems. The music becomes characterized by utilizing its romantic and catchy pop sound and functions of bachata. Moreover, a cherished tune and dance style originating from the Dominican Republic. Also, the vibrant and exciting tune video uploaded on the song depicts Jeinz Macias and his pals having an outstanding time on the seashore.

Musical Achievements of Jeinz Macias

Year, Award/Nomination, Category, Result

2019, Latin Grammy Best New Artist, Won

2020, MTV Video Music Award Best Latin Video (“No Te Vayas”), Nominated

2021, Premio Juventud Best New Pop Artist, Nominated

2021, People’s Choice Award The Latin Artist of 2021, Won

2022, The Lo Nuestro Award Artist of the Year, Nominated

Passion for Sports: jeinz macias

Jeinz is a sports lover. Moreover, he is deeply captivated by sports, especially soccer, basketball, and tennis. Furthermore, Jeinz remains lively by conducting pickup video games in Los Angeles. A committed football fan, he helps prestigious clubs like Boca Juniors from his native land in Argentina. After that, Jeinz is regularly seen attending the most important Fit Global while he’s now not on tour. He desires to write and record a legit anthem for his favorite World Cup team inside the Destiny. 

Although the song and the internet tossed him to repute, sports hold a special vicinity in Jeinz’s heart. This energy and aggressive spirit are evident in his excessive power-stay performances. Moreover, it resembles a stadium indicates greater than conventional concerts. 


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve discussed Jeinz who was born in a circle of relatives’ heritage. Moreover, he is likewise passionate closer to sports activities. Later, he opened his YouTube channel and showcased his track abilities through it. If you like this article’s data approximately Jeinz, leave a comment.

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