TechnologyOmgFlix: Streaming Destination Start Binge-Watching Today

OmgFlix: Streaming Destination Start Binge-Watching Today

What is OmgFlix?

  • OmgFlix first launched just 6 months ago in 2023 
  • It’s a subscription-based streaming platform similar to Netflix or Hulu
  • Current subscription costs start at just $8.99 per month

OmgFlix: Streaming Destination Start Binge-Watching Today

How OmgFlix Works

Choose a Plan: You can select from three main pricing plans depending on your needs:

Basic ($8.99/month): Standard definition streaming on 1 screen 

Standard ($12.99/month): High-definition streaming on 2 screens

Premium ($15.99/month): Ultra HD streaming on up to 4 screens

Profile Set-Up: Add individual profiles for members of your household and customize each profile’s settings.

Start Streaming: Browse OmgFlix’s library and instantly start watching your selected titles!

I’ll expand more on the specific library content and features in the sections below.

Key Features of OmgFlix

Throughout my time using OmgFlix these past few months, I’ve come to appreciate several helpful features:

Massive On-Demand Library

10,000+ Movies: All genres from blockbusters, comedies, romances, documentaries, and more.

Thousands of TV series: Popular shows, cult classics, true crime, anime, kids programs, and more Even after using it for months, I’m still discovering new movies and shows to watch. 

Original Content

In addition to licensed movies and shows, OmgFlix invests heavily in producing its original content.

  • Moon Drops (sci-fi drama series)
  • Beyond the Shore (teen mystery thriller)
  • Stand Up Planet (original comedy specials)

Offline Viewing 

You can download select titles to your mobile device to watch offline when you don’t have an internet connection. This makes OmgFlix great for:

  • Airplane and car trips
  • Commuting on the subway
  • Anytime you’ll temporarily lose WiFi

Customizable Profiles 

OmgFlix allows you to create up to 6 individual user profiles within a single account. 

With separate profiles, each user can:

  • Have their watch history and recommendations
  • Set parental controls for kids’ profiles
  • Have unique watchlists of their favorite shows
  • It ensures everyone gets a personalized experience.

The OmgFlix Content Library 

Now let’s explore more about OmgFlix’s expansive on-demand streaming library across both movies and television.


OmgFlix has movies across every major genre you can think of:

Action/Adventure: Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible, The Avengers  

Comedy: Bridesmaids, Superbad, The Hangover

Horror: The Conjuring, A Quiet Place, Halloween 

Romance: The Notebook, Crazy Rich Asians

Kids & Family: The Lion King, Toy Story, Shrek

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the range of movie options on OmgFlix – it has both popular new releases along with older classics.

Television Shows

Comedies: The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl 

Dramas: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale

Animated: BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Avatar: The Last Airbender

OmgFlix has exclusive rights to stream certain popular shows that are no longer on platforms like Netflix. 

Many OmgFlix original shows are high quality and addictive to binge.

  • OmgFlix
  • OmgFlix
  • Using OmgFlix on Different Devices
  • Mobile Apps
  • iOS app for iPhone and iPad 
  • Android app for phones and tablets
  • Streaming Devices/TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Smart TVs
  • Laptops/Desktops
  • Web browser access from any computer
  • I primarily watch OmgFlix on my smartphone during my commute, then pick up where I left off on my Smart TV at home. 

Streaming even at high video quality works great across my WiFi and mobile connections.

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Is Omg Flix Worth It? The Pros vs Cons

Omg Flix brings a lot to the table, but is it worth the monthly cost? Let’s compare some of the key pros and cons I’ve noticed:


  • Large on-demand library with constant new additions
  • High-quality original programming
  • Offline viewing capability 
  • Lower monthly cost than competitors
  • Accessible across many devices


  • Smaller overall library compared to established services like Netflix
  • Confusing interface layout

 A limited selection of the newest movie releases

Overall, I think the extensive library, low price point, and streaming flexibility make OmgFlix worth trying out with their free trial. I’ve been impressed so far, and plan to keep my membership for the foreseeable future.

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